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Known as Angry Bird Under Instruction, angry birds 2 APK, gives new puzzle adventure experience. New multi-stage levels with bosses’ appears give an exciting moment for the players.

Play on your phone

If you are in depth love playing this game, you will probably have this game on your phone too. For simpler way, you can download it through Google Play Store or IOS App Store.

However, there is another way to have it through downloading from websites in Google search. But for this one, you should find and check all by yourself.

Angry Birds 2 APK in play store           

For its new endless slingshot puzzle challenges, the game has been downloaded world widely as amount of 50 millions time. With around 3,3 million accounts have given their reviews towards this game.

The Rovio places more details for instance:

               This game should be played above 3 years old kid

               It has in – app purchases

               This game has big filed data size : 135 MB


In angry birds 2 APK, you are given new updated abilities, such as:

               You can choose your own animal birds

By means, you can manage your own tactic which bird should be flung first until last. It seems to be easier but more challenging because you need to choose wisely.

You have to stop the scrambled eggs and you can get more fill up boosters from the extra birds and Destruct-o-meter.

               Remarkable spells

You will see fun spells like: hot chills, blizzards, golden ducks, swindling swine, pork-smashing cameo and mighty eagle.

               Challenge other worldwide players

By connecting it to your FB account, you will get chances to battle against another player. If you do not have close friends who are playing it, you can search new ones by joining angry birds 2 APK FB page and ask them to add you or you can add them. Then you can have them in your friend list.

               New challenging multi-stage levels

You will get stunned jaw dropping by seeing ltos of Piggy Island here. Worse thing is that the piggies are building their towers under your beak so you will have more multiple challenging levels.

               Boss Piggies

It is becoming more serious if you know you will meet the bosses. They live in the Piggy Island and you have to take them down as fast as you can. There are King Pig, Chef Pig and Foreman Pig which will stop you to win.

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