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Angry Birds 2 Download for PC. Angry Birds 2 is the twelfth series of the successful “angry birds” video game series. The game featuring a group of colorful birds trying to destroy the group pigs which is lurking behind a defensive structure. The players would need to come out with certain kinds of strategies in order to destroy the entire pigs in the stage. The game itself has been praised for the amazing combination of its comical style, fun game play and definitely its low fare play. This Angry Birds 2 is a free to play video game that is presented with selections of items inside game purchases with the in-game currency.

Angry Birds 2 was soft-launched before at Canada with the title “Angry Birds Under Instruction” at March 5, 2015. After that, the game is released worldwide and the name was altered into Angry Birds 2. This game presents the player with new bird call Silver. The game also no longer present power ups to the players but spells instead. The main difference in the Angry Birds 2 is that the players would be able to select their choice of birds from a deck. This would give the players more freedom in selecting the bird warrior to bombard the pig fortress. The birds and the spells would be represented on cards. Players would begin the battle with five lives. If all the cards have been used and there is still even one pig remains, then it would deduct the player’s live by one. Afterwards, if all the player’s lives have been reduced to zero in the stage, then the player would have to refill the lives. The lives could be refilled by couple of ways such as using gems, watching advertisements, or wait for 30 minutes for each life. For the players who want to instantly continue the game could use the gems but this would surely cost you quite an amount of real world currency.

The Angry Birds 2 on PC

The game could be played on PC by installing the Koplayer Android Emulator. After running the Koplayer Android Emulator, then you would need to login to google play store next. After that then go straight to download the Angry Birds 2 game. After installing then you are ready to smash the pig’s fortress on PC whenever you want. Hopefully this short article would be able to give you a beneficial information regarding the Angry Birds 2 Download for PC.

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