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Angry Birds 2 Download. Angry Birds is back with its exhilarating game play and hilarious characters. Continuing the successful of its first game, the sequel is back with better and upgraded games. The game could be played in PC or Mac. The game itself has secured for more than 100 million of downloads worldwide.

The plot of this game is following after the events of the “first Angry Birds”. The Chef pig managed to steal the bird’s eggs and put them on the airship. Thus, Red and the rest of the birds would team up and pursue the airship and the rest of the pigs. And after the Chef pig has been defeated then the Foreman Pig would continue with the bird elision and it goes on to prevent the birds in recovering their eggs. Each levels in the game would include waves group of pigs. Some boss would reveal themselves in certain level and players would have to come up with the most efficient strategy and attack to fully deplete the boss’s health. This on the other hand proves to be quite challenging for some players because the boss usually possesses quite a large number of health. Thus, the player have to come up with an attack to make the boss fall into the abyss to instantly kill the boss.

In the Angry Birds 2, players around the world can play together in the arena. In order to play in the arena, the player have to reach level 5 and be connected to Facebook. Connecting to Facebook also allow the player to back up scores. In the Arena, players would be divided into a batch of 15 players. Feathers would be awarded into the highest score of each player. Players would be competing with other players in terms of score. And the players would be randomly given respective opponents in the battle.

With the large screen projected by the computer, players would have better view in adjusting the right angle upon striking those evil pigs. The game itself has received many mixed reviews by a lot of game critics. Due to the enthusiasts by its fan, the game was downloaded by more than 10 million users only three days after it was released. And only after a week release, the game has already been downloaded by more than 20 million users worldwide. Hopefully by reading this short article, you would be able to gain a better understanding on Angry Birds 2 Download.

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