Angry Birds 2 for PC

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How many of you wish to get angry birds 2 for PC? People often ask whether they are able to play it on their PC or not.

Download the files!

If you search on Google, you will find some website offering you to get the software to play on PC. However, you need to check the contents carefully for preventing viruses.

If you go to the apk.koplayer website, you can directly see two options: download APK or play on PC. If you want to download the APK, it means you can play it through blue stack player and play it on your PC.

Or if you do not want to play through blue stack, you can download the koplayer android emulator first on your PC with windows OS. Then do these steps:

–               Run the KOP simulator

–               download the angry birds 2 for PC linked in this website

–               drag the mouse to Angry Bird 2 for PC file to KOP

–               after finished, now you can enjoy playing angry birds 2 for pc version

Upgraded Version

Being launched already in public, it makes angry birds 2 for PC becoming the top search for a moment. Players around the world first want to know what the new upgraded things in this game. And not to disappoint the fans, Rovio makes some upgraded changes.

Besides the graphic, sounds and old characters, Rovio presents new characters and their new abilities.

One of the characters is the appearing bosses. Here, the players can combat against the most powerful characters after winning some challenging multi-stage levels.

Puzzling Levels

There will be 18 chapters which has 620 maximum levels. It is quite a lot for an upgraded game. You need extra lives whenever you lose 5 given lives at first. This leads you to purchase more gems. Or you can wait every 30 minute for this game loads in.

More stunning graphic

As you can see later in the game, the graphic shows you an amazing display performance of the birds and piggies. Even though the data size is quite big, 135 MB, you do not have to worry about the cracking or freezing game play.

New Plot

To make a difference from the first version of Angry Bird, in this latest version, angry birds 2 for PC, you will see Chef Pigs who steal eggs and leaving the Red Birds to pursue them. After winning the battle with the Chef Pig, you will see another two pigs: Foreman and King Pigs.

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