Angry Birds 2 Full Movie

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Angry Birds 2 Full Movie. Angry Birds 2 Movie is based on the Angry birds video game which launched in the previous year of 2009.

Angry birds used to be a simple video game featuring a group of birds attacking a number of pigs which resides within a fortress with the use of slingshots and other kind of bombarding equipment. In the game, the players would need to adjust the strength of the slingshot and carefully deciding on the angle in order to get a good shot impact at the pigs. As the player clear the stage presented, the next stage would be more and more difficult to finish, thus sometimes the game can be quite annoying due to the difficulties. However, the game is still fun to be played as all the characters presented in the game are quite lovable and attractive for the players to laugh at. The angry birds is a free to play game for all players with various selection of purchases options within the game. As the game become more and more popular, the angry birds now even has its own 3D Animation movie made. The first animation movie of Angry Birds were launched at the year of 2016. The movie managed to claim quite a success in the time. With the budget of $73 Million Dollars, it managed to score more than $300 million Dollars in the box office.

Currently the Sony Picture has stated that they are planning to launch its second movie on September 2019 commemorating its 10th birthday of the original “Angry Birds” video game. The Sony Pictures studio is going to be teamed again with Finland based Rovio Entertainment Ltd. The Angry Birds 2 film is going to be managed by couples of successful management figures such as John Cohen as the producer, John Rice as Co-director, and directed by Thurop Van Ourman. For the film animation itself would be handled directly by the Sony Pictures Imageworks which collaborated with the Sony Pictures Animation. Angry Birds has managed to storm the world by creating a worldwide of fans for this franchise. Thus, the Sony Pictures are hoping to be able to create another worldwide excitement by creating another exciting new journey and experiences for everyone around the world to be captivated further in this exhilarating franchise. Hopefully by reading this short article, you would be able to get a good material regarding the Angry Birds 2 Full Movie.

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