Angry Birds 2 Juegos

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What is Angry Birds 2 Juegos? The word “juegos” means “game” in English. So, what game is it? This is a very interesting game that will instantly capture your heart.

About the Game

Angry Birds Game was firstly launched to public 3 years ago in Canada by Rovio. It soon became very popular and people from all around the world started to play the game. The game uses simple plot that attracts many people, both children and adults to play it. The story of the game is about pigs that try hard to steal eggs of bird on an island and then keep them in ships. The efforts of the birds to save the eggs become the main plot of the story. The designs of the characters are simple and funny that most people love it very much. Following the game’s success, the sequel is made by the provider currently to satisfy people need about more challenging Angry Birds Game. This second game of Angry Birds offers a lot of changes that will make you work hard to complete the levels. Birds you find in the game will be unlocked by accessing chests of treasure from all around the world. Meanwhile, the levels of the game are more selected in this Angry Birds 2 in the type of over world. This is rather similar to the ones used in the Angry Birds Epic than screen with typical selection. There are multiple sections introduced by this latest version which are called as “rooms” you can find in each level. The “rooms” can be seen on the top center, and they can vary in number from two up to seven. The game players should be able to beat multiple fortresses at time, so they can go to the next level. Though there are some changes made in this version to differentiate it from the older series but the core mechanic used to launch birds, so they can reach Pig Fortresses by slingshot remains the same. In completing the levels, players will not be allowed to select which birds that they want to use. Birds or cards provided are kind of assigned automatically a set drawn that is predetermined the birds pool that has been unlocked with the players before. But unlike the older version in which players could fail the levels they have been through without any possible consequence; this sequel version of Angry Birds Game uses live features with limited amount. You need to have at least one life so you can keep playing the game.

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