Angry Birds 2 Level 30

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Are you reaching the 30th level of Angry Birds 2 Game and get frustrated with it? Here are easy tricks you can try to accomplish the level of the game.

Angry Birds 2: Overview

The game is previously known as Angry Birds Under Instruction. It is actually a game with puzzle plat former which is developed by Rovio. Being launched the first time in Canada in 2015, the game soon gained extreme popularity and became the most favorite game ever since. The first version of the Angry Birds Game is such a big hit for all online game lovers in the world. The game is not only played by children but it is also popular among adults. With the success reached by the first version, the provider develops the sequel of the game recently. Being considered as one of the most difficult games, there are a lot of levels that players should accomplish. The latest version of the game creates new challenges to the players such as boss battles which are also referred to boss piggies as well as multi-stage levels. In addition, the game also provides new interesting features such as cards, new character called Silver bird and spells. The plot of the story in this Angry Birds 2 Game is the appearance of Chef Pigs that manages to steal bird’s eggs and then place them in the arch ships. But some changes are made in the sequel that cause the game turns more challenging than before.

How to Play the 30th Level of Angry Birds 2

To play the 30th level Angry Birds 2 and then accomplish it so you can go to the next level, there are some tricks that might be useful for you. There are a lot of videos uploaded in internet by the players of the game to show you how to complete this 30th level. Here is what you need to do to complete the stage. The first thing you should do is taking the Blue Bird and then place it in upper craft. Meanwhile, you can use the yellow bird to destroy the TNT. When the boss of the pig dies then the remaining pigs will also die. Manage to find the feathers of the birds by advancing them in chest to level them up. You can find the feathers on the path you will see after you defeat certain levels of the game. It is quite easy to play.

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