Angry Birds 2 Level 47

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There are more levels of game in Angry Birds 2 if compared to the older version. How to reach the 47th level of the game? Find it out more in here.

About Angry Birds 2

The Angry Birds have just come with the second sequel of the game. The provider of the gamer claims is as the bigger online game ever produced all the time. The game is also claimed to begin new era of slingshot game play that comes with more challenging multi-stage levels, scheming boss of pigs, extremely stunning graphics and much more destruction resulted in the game. The game is so fun. To start the game, you have to enter the arena by connecting yourself to Facebook. Thus, it will enable you to challenge the other online players from all around the world. This is so fun and you can climb to the leader board to get the highest score.

Angry Birds 2 Level 47: How to Reach the Level

Angry Birds 2 Level 47 is considered to be one of the most levels in the game. There are only two purple stuffs available to shoot the all the pigs that makes it is hard to accomplish the game. The armor pigs you will in the game will also harden things since it has ability to turn every bird into dolls. Here are some easy tricks that might help you to reach the 47th level of Angry Birds 2 Game.

  1. Screen 1

On the first screen, use the blue birds to take out any floating structure you find in the arena. Move the big brother into the right and left sides of the structure. Use the bombs to debris piles if you think that movements are quick enough.

  1. Screen 2

Use the Grey birds to take out all the left structures. Put the big brother in the middle of the arena. Meanwhile, use the white birds to hit TNT boxes placed on the right side of the structure.

  1. Screen 3

Move the blue birds into the portal. Use the red birds to push the right side of the structure.

  1. Screen 4

On the Screen 4 you can use the yellow birds for bombing. It is aimed to get debris points clean up with all the birds. You need to keep in mind that the debris points are the most crucial part to get good score in the game.

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