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For playing Angry Bird 2 with unlimited times, you cannot resist the temptation to get helped by any mod. Angry birds 2 mod apk offers you to get more gold, gems, energy, cards and other abilities.

The Most Fun Game

Angry Birds are back again in the sequel of the biggest game. It starts from PC game and now it is also the most played in android too. As number two, it follows the trend from its original starter version which still uses the big slingshot gameplay. However, for the latest sequel, you will be entertained by the extraordinary visual graphics and more challenging levels.

Despite the eye-catching visual effects, the characters in the new game are also upgraded. Here are the new things in the angry birds 2 mod apk:

–               Pick your desired birds

Different from the first version, now, you can choose which bird you would pick first until last. It includes your strategy which birds can get your goals faster and more effective.

–               New levels

If you want to see an Island with full of Piggies, this game presents to you the Piggy Island. In the game, you will see more exotic details of plants and animals there. And the Piggies also have goals to knock you down and get more eggs.

–               Piggy Bosses

There are new characters in the game, they are: Chef Pig, Foreman Pig and King Pig. They will attempt your eggs.

–               New spells’ ability

It is awesome things when you can use the spells to help you win the game. Here, you can get spells like: blizzards, golden ducks, hotchilis and other great spells.

–               Online rivals

Now you can connect the game online of Angry Birds 2 to see who has the best bird flinger amongst you all. You can play new arena’s tournaments each day. You can also get feathers to level up your birds.

Angry birds 2 mod apk: MOD and SUPER MEGA MOD

There are several things related to the MOD, such as:

–               Unlimited  lives

–               Unlimited gems

–               Auto destruction

–               Super destruction

For the part of SUPER MEGA MOD, here are the lists:

–               Unlimited energy

–               Countless gems

–               Increased slingshot power

–               Decreased slingshot distance

–               Multiplied scores

–               Unlimited tokens

–               Extra cards in every level played

–               Enabling easier aims in each level

–               Getting 3 stars for every level gained

–               Unlimited lives

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