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Happy news for Angry Bird lovers. The red birds loving to get angry with their funny friends will get back to movie theater sooner. Rovio Entertainment publish that it is officially making The Angry Birds 2. It collaborates to Columbia Pictures planned to release The Angry Birds 2 on September 2019 together with the 10th anniversary of Angry Birds.

Sequel Movie of Angry Birds 2 Is Planned to Release

Though it is planned to release, but it has no details about the plot story of this movie, Angry Birds 2 movie. A sequel of Angry Birds will be worked by a new creative team including a director. Angry Birds Movie 2 will be directed by Thurop Van Orman together Jogh Rice working scenario in movie of the first Angry Bird movie. Angry Birds was successful when it was first time to penetrate mobile gamer market in 2009. This game is so phenomenal so that it launches many spin off games, merchandise, and the first movie in 2006. The first movie was regarded to be successful and get high profits.

Trailer from Angry Birds 2 Movie

For the people loving the first movie, you must wait for the launching of Angry Birds 2 movie in 2019 and must watch it. A story of angry red birds will get back to big screen. Sony has scheduled a sequel release of Angry Birds Movie. The sequel of animation movie will be officially released on 20th September 2019. It is same as one decade of this popular game in the world. But a release of Angry Bird Movie sequel will be clashed with the movie release schedule from Universal. In addition, red birds will compete to Warner Bros movies. The previous movie was able to earn US$350 million from all over the world.

Today’s movie sequel will make a story of red birds with fun and surprising story line. The story tells about a trip and struggle of red birds beating angriest in itself. Red birds are so emotional. A displayed bird is guessed to tease it. It is unable to hold on its emotion. Then, it hits the displayed bird. The uncontrolled emotion of Angry Bird is caused by its childhood. When it was child, it became an abuse victim because it has abnormal eyebrow. Because of the reason, the bird lives emotionally. One day, on its island, green pigs come. The pigs look like a new god on its island. It is a beginning of the problem in Angry Birds 2 movie.

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