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Angry Birds is a legendary game. This game has got back to the new features. Being a big game in android and its history makes Angry Birds 2 show and display the best graphic and detailed features to the game lovers. Angry birds 2 PC becomes an easy way to enjoy in playing this game at home. You can play it fun and satisfied.

Choose Your Favorite Bird Character

In this stage, it is a stage before you start your attack to piggies. You will face it when you install Angry Birds 2 PC. You can determine the right bird character. This is a main point to give attack. This situation and map is always changing and making your brain think harder and carefully. You can determine your favorite bird character. You can beat your enemy with this bird character.

New Feature of Multi Stage Level

What else is another feature of this game? You can enjoy multi-stage level as the new feature. This feature is useful to add and charge your strength to fight for piggies. You can follow the existed tournament to collect fur and find the winning ahead your bird character to all players. The strength of your bird can be useful to ahead of tricky and annoying piggies boss.

The Bird Will Become a Problem

A popular sequel mobile game, Angry Birds, presents back to the game world. Angry Birds 2 is once to be a favorite game to beat evil piggies. You can direct the birds to the pig to destroy them. Destroy all evil pigs to move to the next level. You can get new birds with your special strength to assist you to destroy evil piggies and get its eggs back. The most waited sequel is Angry Birds 2. You can download Angry Birds 2 PC or Mac now. Download an application of Bluestacks for android emulator to play Angry Birds 2 in Mac or PC. You can thank to your big computer screen. You will see all areas easily including small pigs. You can use a mouse to control all your attacks and prevents slippery fingers on the phone screen. An internet connection is influencing it. You must have stable and reliable internet connection. You can add playing experience with bigger screen.

Download Angry Birds 2 on PC or Mac

Before you start to destroy evil pig and protect your eggs, you need the help. The first thing is installing Bluestacks Android emulator in which it can be downloaded in this page. After you press download button, all processes run quickly. You only answer some questions about computer system. You will wait for a completed process. In one or 2 minutes, you can find for an application of android game from Google Play Store in your computer.

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