How To Do Angry Birds 2 Cheat

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Angry birds 2 is a new version following the original first Angry Bird. It comes with more multi stage levels, characters and characters’ abilities.


So, what are the benefits to get angry birds 2 cheat?

–               Save Times & Energy

Angry birds 2 cheat is what you need to save more money and get unlimited chances to try. Cheat appears because players over get stressed because Rovio takes too aggresive purchases’ amount price.

–               Better Chances

When it comes to cheated version, you will have chances to try back and forth the level. It is because in real, official Angry Bird 2 only gives you 5 times to spend. Whenever you lose them, you have to buy gems or you can get one every 30 minute.

–               Important Gems

In general, you can play and complete the daily quests to get more gems. Later on, those gems are needed to buy new lives or extra cards.


Besides  all three above  advantages you may have, another way to get cheats with simple way is by having lots of friends. Regarding the knowledge that to get gems, is by keeping aware and updated to the official FB page of Angry Bird 2. You can do as guided below:

–               Login on your FB account

–               Search for Angry Bird 2 Facebook Page and  join

–               Read the rules there first (do’s and dont’s)

–               Some of their timelines offer you fun gifts such as the gems, cards and other privileges

Next, you can also get more gifts, including the gems or cards by having more friends. If your existed FB friends do not play this game, you can get more new friends through below steps:

–               Search and add the Angry Bird 2 Group

–               Post a status there such as, “I am a new player in Angry Bird 2. I need more lives and friends.

Please add me”

–               Then you will get tons of friend requests who play the same game


You might know nothing about your device system, but these steps will help you to get angry birds 2 cheat :

  • Advance the your phone clock
  • Go to SETTING
  • Find the DATE & TIME
  • Click the SET AUTOMATICALLY into OFF mode
  • Make the clock FORWARD about one or two hours
  • Dial back when you are done playing


By doing this, you can fasten the time so the lives will be collected faster.

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