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Angry birds 2 game is the sequel of the original game Angry Birds. It is still developed by Rovio Entertainment which has gained lots of love from Angry Birds players around the world.


What’s new?

In the second version, you will see new things:

               A new creature named SILVER. It is a bird with spells ability.

               A new concept of Festive

               New spells in some particular levels and some of them are in limited time challenge

               Players can select birds by their wants from the deck


The Gamely

Brief summary for the latest game play in angry birds 2 game are:

               The slingshot method is still used here to launch the birds

               Most enemies in this game are the green pigs

               There are other goals or targets in every level

               There are 5 lives and when the players lose the lives, they have to use the gems

               The bosses will appear in particular levels

               Spells unfortunately cannot be used when the bosses appear

               The players can connect the app to their FB account to enter and play in the arena

               The arena has similar concept like the Angry Bird Friend series

               Players will get medals if they reach the top three ranks


Special Gifts

In angry birds 2 game, there are gifts which are randomly given in some levels. And they are different in color which has some goals, such as:

               Blue gifts : permit players to give the presents to an FB friend

               Red gifts : they are rewards for the players with bird feathers or gems

               Golden pigs : they are extra help card



Angry birds 2 game first launching gains much attention from its long-waiting players. As they have expected more to Rovio, they have high expectations. Some meet their wish but others not.

The first flaw in this game is that the premium price is just going wildly. You will be asked to purchase more whenever your 5 lives have lost. Or, you can get free but you have to wait around 30minutes for every life.


The second flaw occurs affected by the limited lives. In this second sequel, players lose their fun in playing this game. So, this game is less wanted comparing to the original one.

And lastly, this game appears to have fewer changes in the level design. So, the players can’t have new challenging experience.

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