What Is Angry Birds 2 ?

Angry Birds is a legendary game getting back to the new features. As a big android game all the time, Angry Birds 2 shows more detailed graphic display. It makes you addicted to play it over and over again. There are some things to know about this game.

What Is Angry Birds 2 ?

What do you know about Angry Birds 2? It is a sequel mobile game from the most popular game in android Angry Birds. Angry Birds 2 has been developed by a big game developer to continue its popularity as the chosen mobile game. This game has embedded new features making you get surprised and addicted to play it more.

What Are New Features in Angry Birds 2 ?

There are some new features that can be enjoyed in Angry Birds 2. The new features surely improve your playing ways because you can benefit those embedded features.

Choose Your Own Favorite Bird Character

This stage is an earlier phase before you play this game. You can choose your favorite bird character before starting an attack to piggies. This is a major point to give attack. You must be careful because situation and maps will be always changing. It surely trains your brain to be smarter and careful in determining a favorite bird character.

Multi Stage Level

Multi stage level is another embedded new feature in Angry Birds 2. It is useful to charge your strength to fight for piggies. Follow your tournament to collect fur and get the winning moment ahead your birds to all players. The strength of your bird is useful to kill and beat piggie boss that is tricky and annoying.

Angry Bird 2 Is a New Sequel of Angry Bird Game

Making a sequel game is not easy. Angry Birds 2 gets back to the root making Rovio run quickly to be the top game developer. You can find angry bird darting with catapult to fight for and beat green pigs between objects structures. You can get freedom to determine an order of darting birds using special skill in every level. Every bird has different characteristics so that a decision and strategy to beat green pigs take an important role in this game. The given freedom is being a limit faced by players. A number of available birds are is limited so that you must be smart in managing your steps. In addition, a number of special skills used cannot be added except doing a game exchange.